Genetic Programming Theory & Practice - Sandbox

Genetic Programming Theory & Practice XIX Online Event

Important Dates

  • Oct 10, 2022: Invitation of selected PhD students who will present their research at GPTP Sandbox 2022.
  • Nov 17-18, 2022: Keynotes, presentations, and discussions.


All presentations and interactions will be online.

There are two invited keynote lectures, one at the beginning of each of the two days of the workshop. Keynotes will be scheduled for one hour each, with some leeway for adding time for questions and discussion.

Presentations by PhD students will be scheduled for 15 minutes each, with an additional 15 minutes time for feedback and discussion immediately following.

On the second day, there will be group discussions dedicated to promoting GP online and via social media.

Keynote Talks

  • Bill Langdon
  • Holly Bik

PhD Student Presentations

  • Itai Tzruia (supervised by Moshe Sipper)
  • Tomer Halperin (supervised by Moshe Sipper)
  • Zhilei Zhou (supervised by Malcom Heywood)
  • Karina Brotto Rebuli (supervised by Leonardo Vanneschi)
  • Daniel Parra (supervised by Ignacio Hidalgo)
  • Axel Martinez (supervised by Gustavo Olague)
modified: 10/17/22