Genetic Programming Theory & Practice XXI


Important Dates

  • Jan 2024: Invitation of keynote speakers
  • Jan-Mar 2024: Invitation of workshop participants
  • June 06-08, 2024: Keynotes, presentations, and discussions.

Keynote Talks

  • Each day of the workshop there will be a keynote talk given by an expert either of our field or of a field that is inspiring for the GPTP community. Each keynote presenter will be allowed to talk for 45 minutes, followed byQ&A and discussion.


  • Regular talks will be scheduled at all three days of the workshop, each presenter will be allowed to talk for 30 minutes. After each regular talk there will be plenty time for discussions and Q&A.
  • Flash talks will be given in a special session, each flash talk presented will be allowed to talk for 10 minutes.


We cordially thank our sponsors - without their contributions, this workshop would be impossible!

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modified: 02/04/24