Genetic Programming Theory & Practice - Sandbox


GPTP Sandbox 2022 will be held online via zoom (Meeting ID: 985 4600 8038, Passcode: 455849).

All times given for EST.

Thursday 17 November, 2022

chair: Stephan Winkler

  • 12:00 Welcome and Keynote by Bill Langdon: Optimal Oracles
  • 13:00 break
  • 13:15 PhD project presentation by Axel Martinez: Revisiting Automated Design of Interest Point Detectors with Genetic Programming
  • 13:45 PhD project presentation by Zhilei Zhou: Low Complexity Solution for GP Classification combining of Histogram and Boosting Approach
  • 14:15 PhD project presentation by Itai Tzruia and Tomer Halperin: EC-KitY: Evolutionary Computation Tool Kit in Python
  • 15:00 break
  • 15:15 PhD project presentation by Daniel Parra: Obtaining Difference Equations of Dynamical Systems using Structured Grammatical Evolution and Sparse Identification
  • 15:45 PhD project presentation by Karina Brotto Rebuli: Progressive Insular Cooperative GP for Classification and Regression Problems
  • 16:15 Closing Discussion

Friday 18 November, 2022

chair: Leonardo Trujillo

  • 12:00 Welcome and Keynote by Holly Bik: The internet is not a waste of time: how curating your online presence can help your science career
  • 13:00 Discussion about GP online and GP on social media
  • 14:00 Separation into four groups - you are in group defined by the day of your birthday modulo 4
  • 14:15 Discussion in four rooms: “What do we want to communicate?”
  • 14:35 Joint discussion
  • 14:50 Discussion in four rooms: “Who do we want to communicate with?”
  • 15:10 Joint discussion
  • 15:50 Discussion in four rooms: “How do you want to communicate it? Make a Plan! - Title, short summary, roadmap and tools”
  • 16:30 Presentation of results, Closing Discussion

[This schedule is subject to minor changes, check the latest version by reloading. Speakers: Should you need to request a change, please post to the contribution channel on Slack!]

modified: 10/26/22